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Archive for December, 2016

  • Can being a Yogi improve your mental well-being

    By Reception on December 21, 2016
    December is often the busiest time of year for most of us, a time when work, family and festive commitments seem to be pulling us in a million different directions. Often during this time when talk of Christmas is in the air we are left feeling more frazzled than festive and our mental well-being suffers. This can sometimes lead to […]
  • Could Robo Pets bring comfort to our ageing population

    By Reception on December 9, 2016
    Scientists have long known that owning a pet can offer a variety of health benefits, from lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels and feelings of loneliness, to boosting opportunities to exercise and socialize. But could a robot pet really help people suffering from dementia? Researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand discovered that a robot companion can offer benefits […]
  • Lets wish for… An end to mental health stigma

    By Rachael Willis on December 1, 2016
    Recently I came across an interesting campaign from Time to Change Wales, a Mental Health Group Charity in Wales. The Time to Change Wales campaign is delivered by a partnership of three leading Welsh mental health charities and is designed to break the stigma associated with mental health on a national level. Although mental health problems are very common, it […]