Fees and Rebates

You’re worth it!

Pure Empowerment is a private practice and welcomes clients without a GP referral. Our service does not bulk bill our consultation Fees.

Our practitioners are career professionals who partner with their clients who are seeking exceptional outcomes.

No one can put a value on feeling supported so you can live an empowered and productive life. It is essential for you to take that first step in order to work through the issues that have been holding you back.

At Pure Empowerment we believe in providing an affordable service for clients with competitive fees which reflect our practitioner’s experience and professionalism. We aim to make our services as accessible as possible for everyone which is why our fees are much lower than the APS recommended fee.

The current Australian Psychological Society (APS) recommended fee as at  1st July 2018 until 30th June 2019 is $251.00 per 50-60 min consult. See link https://www.psychology.org.au/getmedia/af30b47d-ef39-49c2-8116-6d20ed1dc828/18APS-2018-19-APS-IS-SRF-P1-a.pdf We here at Pure Empowerment Psychology charge BELOW this recommended fee. See our fee schedule below for further details. 

To view the full details of our Psychologist Fee structure please read on or contact our reception desk for a copy. Medicare Rebates may apply for clients on eligible MHCP (under Better Access) or EPC/TCA plans.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to help you improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Our Consultation Fee structure

Clinical Psychologist (Racahel Willis)- Clinical Psychology

$200 per appointment*  (Medicare Rebate $124.50) Out of Pocket $ 75.50 *per 50-55 min session- Please note the APS recommended rated is $251.00 per 50-60 min session (so we are charging much less than what is recommended).

You will require a referral from your GP prior to initial consultation, should you wish to claim back under Medicare. Please bring this referral or plan along with you to the first appointment.

Please note as of April 1st 2019 in office session fees will increase to $210.00 per 50 minute consultation

Initial Intake Assessment (office) Appointment: $200.00 per 50 minute consultation

Subsequent Consultation (office) Fees: $200.00 per 50 minute consultation

Single Session Work (SSW): $200 per 50 minute consultation

Failed to attend or late cancellation fee (less than 48 hours): $200.00 (Medicare will NOT rebate for Failed to attend or Late Cancellations)

Group Program fee:  TBA

Equine Empowerment Program:  1 hour session is $220 (for 2 x therapists and working with up to 5 horses per person)

Group Program fee:  TBA

Psychological Assessment by Registered Psychologist: $198 per hour. Fees are for a comprehensive assessment which includes a  cognitive assessment, test of achievement and test of adaptive living skills, preparation of a report and initial interview and feedback session (Approx. 10 hours total) is $450 (if conducted by the Provisional psychologist) or $1980 (if conducted by a Clinical psychologist). Medicare rebates do not apply for the assessment component but may apply to the initial interview and feedback session.

Supervision: Clinical supervision by Rachael Willis for provisional psychologists 4 + 2, 5 +1, group supervision other external supervision (Contact Rachael regarding fees).

Payment Methods for Consultation Fees

Payment is required on the day and methods accepted include: Eftpos, cash, online banking and by cheque.

Medicare Rebates

If you are referred under an eligible Medicare plan, you may be entitled to claim a rebate off the session fee.

Better Access to Mental Health (on a GP MHCP): Rebate of $124.50 (for a Clinical Psychologist)

See link for further information:


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