Lets wish for… An end to mental health stigma

By Rachael Willis on December 1, 2016 in Mental Health Treatment


Recently I came across an interesting campaign from Time to Change Wales, a Mental Health Group Charity in Wales. The Time to Change Wales campaign is delivered by a partnership of three leading Welsh mental health charities and is designed to break the stigma associated with mental health on a national level.

Although mental health problems are very common, it can still be a taboo subject. People who experience mental illness often face stigma and discrimination in the workplace, socially and within families. This can make life with a mental health problem more difficult than the symptoms themselves.

Many of us are aware that mental health issues don’t take a “holiday”, like any psychical illness mental health can burden us at anytime of year. We want to improve knowledge and understanding about mental illness and, most importantly of all, get people talking about mental health.

That’s why I couldn’t resist sharing these fun thought-provoking Christmas images which raise awareness for MH Stigma.


Wouldn’t it be enlightening to embark on 2017 without stigmas or discrimination associated to mental health. That’s all I want for Christmas 🙂

What’s your Christmas Wish?



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