Mental Health Month- October 2018

By Reception on May 16, 2018 in Equine-assisted Therapy

It is Mental Health Month this October!!

The aim of the campaign is to promote the importance of early intervention practices for positive mental health and well-being and to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. The awareness campaign is held annually in October to coincide with the World Health Organisation’s recognition of World Mental Health Day which is celebrated on the 10th of October.

This year the theme for Mental Health Month is Share the Journey.

Share the Journey means – telling your friends and family when things are a bit tough – finding others who have been through something similar – connecting with your community – finding a health professional you trust – connecting on social media – giving your pet a cuddle – organisations working together for the best possible wellbeing of everyone – sharing your stories with others – creating a sense of security within families and communities – reaching out to someone who might need your help – decreasing the isolation people feel when things aren’t great

The message is important – isolation has a huge impact on the wellbeing of people whose mental health isn’t as great as they’d like it to be. We can all share the journey to make things a little easier, to make communities as supportive as possible; to make good mental health a bit more accessible for everyone.

Please Share the Journey with us another year, and let’s all work to make this Mental Health Month, and good mental health and wellbeing, a journey everyone in Victoria can share.

You can find more information about Mental Health Week by visiting the below link:


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