Single Session Therapy / Work (SSW)

To assist with our current wait-list situation, new clients are offered  an appointment under the Single Session Work (SSW) framework.  It is a framework that involves a longer-than-normal, face-to-face interview and telephone follow-up. If, at follow-up, both client and counsellor agree that further contact would be useful, the client is offered either another single session or the option of being placed on the waiting list for ongoing counselling.

Even if clients find the one session provides enough help for the time being (which happens about half the time), it is made clear to them that they can re-contact the centre at any time in the future for further help.

It is important to emphasise that this does not involve any limit to services for this client. Clients have found this to be more responsive and helpful than the traditional ‘waiting list’ system.

The Single Session Therapy or Work (SST /SSW) process has three major components:

 Intake

 The Session

 Follow-Up

Each of these involves several tasks and specific paperwork.

Intake :

 An intake system informs the client about the SSW process.

 A pre-session questionnaire is sent to the client to complete and bring to the session.

The Session:

 The client attends 1 to 2 face-to-face session with a worker or workers.

 If there are risk issues, the worker follows usual duty of care procedures.

 If there are no risk issues, an appointment is made for a follow-up phone call approximately 1-3 weeks after the session.


 During the follow-up phone call, the worker seeks feedback about the session, provides further assistance, if appropriate, and makes a collaborative decision with the client about what further action (if any) is needed.

Options include all available services: a second single session, ongoing work, referral to another program within the service, referral to another service or no action (usually with an invitation to re-contact, if necessary, in the future).

 Our Psychologist completes forms to record outcomes of the session.

 Our Psychologist may send a client satisfaction survey and or / send a final update letter to the referring health professional (if applicable).