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Time to Transform Negative Thoughts

By Reception on November 11, 2016 in Mental Wellbeing

Negative thinking can have a strong and sometimes devastating impact on all aspects of our lives.

People try many different ways to ‘break out’ of their negative thought patterns including distractions, diversions or ‘drowning their sorrows’ only to later mentally beat themselves up for being still stuck in their negativity. It can feel like a real internal battle.

How we relate to our thoughts has a big impact on how our day unfolds, and also how we approach triggers in our lives.

By taking a few mindful moments, we can gain some space between us and our reactions, and have some freedom from what triggers us—we don’t have to respond the same way every time.

The Mindful Organisation has created an informative video on 3 Ways to Transform Negative Thoughts:

  1. Recognize the Thought: If the thought isI’m not good enoughlife is never going to get better, or some form of complaining or blaming or something like that, take a moment to recognize that the thought is forming in your brain.
  2. Relax the Body, Release the Thinking: When you’re experiencing negative thoughts, your body is also reacting. You’re going through some form of a fight-flight-freeze response, so take a moment to relax your body. Throughmindful breathing, you can use the out-breath to release tension in your body, as well as any negative thinking. You can even imagine negative thoughts leaving your body with the out-breath.
  3. Flip It (Mini Gratitude Practice): Now that you have a little space between you and your negative thoughts, consider for a moment:What’s actually good right now? What’s going on that’s good in life? Could it be that you’re safe, you’re body is working okay in this moment, you actually have some friends you can count on, you have a job—whatever it might be, see if you can name a few of those, recognize them, and also just linger in that a little bit.


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