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Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) Is considered a “third wave” of CBT and is underpinned by relational framework theory.

ACT works to assist people to become more “psychologically flexible” via the processes of mindfulness (being in the here and now), value identification (understanding what you want your life to stand for and pursuing goals in value directed ways), taking committed action, making room for unpleasant feelings (or expansion) and creating space from your thoughts (cognitive defusion).

It helps people to get less caught up in their thoughts and feelings (or in their heads) and take action in a value directed way.

It addresses issues of avoidance (of unpleasant thoughts and feelings) and encourages contentment and vitality (and loving a full and meaningful life).

The book we recommend here is by Dr Russ Harris called “The happiness trap: Stop struggling and start living”.

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