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Pure Empowerment strives to provide experienced and professional staff with a diverse range of experience and from a range of backgrounds

This enables us to match clients with suitable clinicians to ensure therapeutic rapport is enhanced and in turn, treatment effectiveness is enhanced. All of our staff members are bound by client confidentiality and privacy legislation and are required to participate in ongoing professional development and clinical supervision.

To get to know more about each of our psychologists, take a look at their profiles below or if you’d like to chat about which team member might be the best match for you give us a call on 0413 819 558.

Rachael Willis


Rachael Willis is a dynamic private practice clinician, mentor and clinical supervisor and is a passionate member of the “come teach me tribe” whereby she ascribes to teaching others and sharing resources (far and wide) enabling each person to grow. Empowering others to be the “best version of themselves” is Rachael’s legacy whether they be clients, clinicians, supervisees, students, employees or external staff in both public and corporate arenas. In fact, Rachael is not only passionate to empower people  indoors (office based/chair based therapy) but also has extended this to the great outdoors (with 4 legged therapists (horses) experientially in the paddock and transferring learnings to the “larger paddock called life” via Equine Assisted Psychotherapy using the EAGALA model).

After founding Pure Empowerment (PE)  Psychology over 13 years ago (and working in the field for over 20 years’ as a psychologist working in both Metropolitan, Rural and Regional areas of Victoria and Southern New South Wales), Rachael is widely respected in the fields of private practice, vocational rehabilitation, mental health and community health, clinical/health centre team management, supervision and consulting to a range of Government and Non-Government organisations and equine assisted psychotherapy.

Rachael also has a special interest in work/life harmony and self-care for health professionals (particularly in rural areas). In fact, her Masters of Clinical Psychology (CSU) research dissertation investigated the effectiveness of a Stress Management and Relaxation Program (SMART-RP) on Rural Professionals in terms of reductions in stress and depression and improvements in coping styles.

As a clinical psychologist and a business owner of three separate businesses, Rachael has experienced first-hand the stressors associated with juggling work/life commitments AND what is required to perform at your best (whether this be in your role as a parent, an employee, clinician or a business owner). She has the gift of being able to connect with people across the lifespan in a genuine and authentic way (and this forms the basis of her book (pending publication) titled “The therapist effect: What clients really want from therapy”.

Rachael acknowledges the real struggle for people (both clients and professionals) in rural areas to access the help/support they need and thus has extended her service offerings to provide online training: PE-PET (Parent Education training), internship opportunities, group programs/retreats and workshops.                               

“No judgement, just empowerment”

Rachael is an experienced clinician and sought after speaker on the following topics:

Stress Management & Relaxation Practice Techniques and work/life harmony (for Rural health professionals and women).

Parenting strategies for parents of school aged children and teenagers.

Upcoming Book – “The Therapist Effect: What clients really want from therapy “.

Stacey Towers

Customer Experience Officer (CEO)

Stacey is the Customer Experience Officer (CEO) at Pure Empowerment. Stacey has been working in this role since January 2019 and believes developing strong relationships both professionally and personally is the foundation of her being successful in her role as the CEO. Stacey is the smiling face you will see at our desk and the welcoming voice behind the telephone.

Stacey takes a lot of pride in her role and really enjoys the team she works with every day. “It’s fantastic to work in a job you love with supportive and positive people around you”.

Stacey also takes on the role as our Equine Specialist at Equine Empowerment, growing up with horses from a young age Stacey has a fantastic knowledge of horse behaviour which is key in her role as an Equine Specialist. Stacey has had a very strong hands on experience with horses from a young age as her family trained racehorses and she participated in Pony Club and Mini Trotting. Stacey also holds a Certificate in Equine Nursing so not only does she have knowledge of their behaviours she is able to recognise and tend to their health needs.

Stacey has her Diploma in Children’s Services where she worked as a room leader in her previous role before having her own children. Although having a love and passion for working with children she wanted to step away from Child Care and extended herself professionally.

Originally from Sydney NSW, Stacey has called Shepparton home for the past 12 years where she now runs a horse property with her young family. Stacey has a passion for racing and riding and loves participating in a range of sports. She loves to be outdoors spending time with her family.

OUR VALUES: Acceptance, growth, vitality, trust and empowerment as we strive to “empower you to be your best”.

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